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    For Jewelry and Watches:


    1. Show your interest and share your idea.

    2. Make drawings on what you need by our designer.

    3. Send out drawings for details confirmation.

    4. You pay the sample fee when you are satisfied with the drawings.

    5. Sample production and send it for quality check.

    6. You pay the deposit of the bulk order upon the confirmation of our sample.

    7. Bulk order producing.

    8. Final quality check by photos or videos.

    9. You pay the balance down.

    10. Packing and shipping the units.


    Please Note:

    1. The cost for samples will be refunded when you ordered more than our MOQ.

    2. If you need to change the original design that we agreed and fit your requirement, you need to pay for a new sample fee. If our sample doesn’t satisfy you, we will produce a new one for free.

    3. For Jewelry orders, the deposit is 30% of total cost. But for Watch orders, 50% of total cost for deposit applied.

    4. All bank transfer charge should be on BUYER’S account.

    5. You can pay with PayPal or BOA/CHASE deposit (For U.S. customers), for amount less than $1,000. You need to pay by T/T when it more than $1,000.

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