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        About us

           Dongguan Standard Phalanx Trading Co., Ltd (SP Trading) is a JEWELRY&WATCH design and production company with developing in a wide variety of metals. Since its establishment in 2017, we have built a strong partnership across the Pacific.

        We have numbers of highly trained stuff in our R&D department, which offered many innovative designs in Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, and Copper every month. OEM and ODM are also welcomed.

           Our product is made by reliable suppliers, environmental friendly and employee welfare are there priorities. With more than two decades of experience, our vacuum plating sub-factory is the key part to remain top quality while reduce the cost.

           SP Trading services the tight QC requirement of the business atmosphere. The standard of our quality requirements, have boosted up our present customers to compete markets that requiring the utmost quality.

        Copyright (C) 2013  Dongguan Standard Phalanx Trading Co., Ltd  All Rights Reserved. 
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